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Sooo I think it's high time to do OC Tag! I've been tagged loong ago by :iconforesthuntermajrach: and my lovely :iconkikifuko: :) But now I'll do a tag from :iconkikifuko:, because its rules require less facts about my OC than the other one. Don't worry :iconforesthuntermajrach:, I''ll get myself to do your tag soon. ^^ (Besides, I need to think what ten things can I say about Kuro... It's kinda difficult!)

I. Post 8 facts about your character.
II. Tag 8 other Characters.
III. Post their names along with their creator's avatars.

:iconkikifuko:'s chosen character is... *drumroll* Odoaker! Here we go!

#1 His jaw looks like a butt...
Or, at least, that's what :iconkikifuko: says! :I3
#2 As he states himself, his favorite activities are drinking, sex and killing. Of course, the last one isn't something he's telling his dates!
#3 He is a talaraenian warmage and, as such, belongs to the military.
#4 It is rather clear from #2, but let's reiterate: Odo's a psychopath. He does not feel any remorse or guilt, doesn't think nor care about consequences of his actions, and is prone to hazardous behaviour. He's also a narcissistic, egoistic and cruel person.
#5 But, what he desires most is adoration, glory, and praise. That is why he's really fond of his magic, because as a warmage he is seen as somewhat a hero in his country.
#6 He's got a little... strange attitude towards men and women. He regards men as
generally inferior to women, thus he doesn't hold - or holds very little - respect towards any man. It is a result of highly abusive relationship with his mother, whom, at the same time, he worshipped.
#7 Did I mention he's handsome?
#8 His magic is electricity. Free lightnings! Herr Llama Emperor

Tag time!
:iconsarasna-pratchet: Mel :D
:iconwerti-calism: Samael
:iconleiardine: Ronnie
:iconkikifuko: (nobody has said I can't tag back c:<) Natasza :meow:
I hate white flowers by sil-vah
I hate white flowers
Why finish a picture when you can just post a work-in-progress version. I'm so tricky that I sometimes amaze myself.

Aww, Nastie, don't make such a face, Kalia does this because she luves you <3

Naster (Nastie, Naster-plaster, Nasti-plasti etc.) (c) me
Faruk by sil-vah
Done with a little bit of help from :iconkikifuko: ;)

Faruk (c) me
Tatsu by sil-vah
Ok, so that's a character from my Naruto (Akatsuki) fanfiction. Tatsu, a perfect assassin, was a missing-nin from Waterfall Village, and he used to work together with Kakuzu before Hidan joined Akatsuki. I really liked their story... and would want to finish it one day...
Color Swap #1 by sil-vah
Color Swap #1
Sooo here we have Erika (on the left) and Baala (the right one). Both are OC's in Naruto universum and the main characters of my fanfiction (PL version: The idea is that the color characteristic for Erika is green, while for Baala it's red. In this picture I swapped their colors and slightly changed their design (mostly clothes). :meow:

Baala (c) me
Erika (c) :iconsarasna-pratchet:

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